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Founder’s Message:

After 2 years of research in 17 countries on human behavior and 3 years of business planning, I’m very excited to announce the release of our app. ReUp is a social enterprise tech startup base in Amsterdam, that embodies a “People over profit” philosophy. Though we’re a for-profit enterprise, we believe that value is more diverse than monetary gain. Before I explain how to preregister for the app, I want to express my gratitude to the many people through the world who have helped with this project. From the busy streets of Bangalore, India to the great hospitality I received in Caracas, Venezuela, I’ve been blessed to experience the best parts of humanity. My travels have taught me two things. One, all people have desire to reach their full potential. Two, people who create accountability groups (Tribes) optimize their chances of achieving personal goals. In order to reach our tour-picfull potential we must water are greatness every day with consistency, accountability and community.That said, I’m happy to give ReUp to the people who are seeking to make the world a better place by becoming the best versions of themselves… The people who have the courage to live their legend.


Starting Oct. 1st to New Year’s Eve we’re allowing people to preregister for our 2017 “Global 1000” private beta release.  People who preregistration will be notified first about our 1000 accounts available for 2017. Feel free to browse our website, meet our team and preregister. Again I thank all who have supported me on this journey and I look forward to working together to ReUp the world.


Voltaire Xodus


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